Crappy Historical Movies, Good Historical Movies

It has been a weird weekend for movies on TV. I have spent most of the weekend inside, playing with Avi and preparing for next week, which means I have found my butt firnly planted on the couch.

I watched “Revolution”, which was an excellent historical film, followed by “The Patriot” which is a terrible historical film.

Then today, I turned on the Disney channel while Avi ate her lunch after an awesome sledding trip, only to find the most awful of awful historical films, “Pocahantas” on. In an amazing turn of events, there is an awesome historical film that deals with the same subject matter on right now, I love “Dances with Wolves” and am even able to forgive the historical inaccuracies and perpetuation of the “Nobel Savage” myth.

I just thought it was interesting.

Is it just me, or does Disney’s Pochahantas look strikingly like Kim Kardashian?


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