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After experiencing major issues with the blog, I am giving this a shot.


The Week That Was

Busy, busy couple of weeks.

Just finished my first week of my second student teaching placement. I am in an 8:1:1 Special Education classroom in Spencerport, which aside from the commute time is not that different from teaching at Freddie Thomas.

The days are busy and there are a million things going on. The hardest part for me is that I am actually only teaching social studies for about 40 minutes a day. The experience is great and my cooperation teaching has been awesome. I just have a hard time seeing myself taking over the room and doing all she does in a few short weeks.

Avi has been awesome. We are taking her ice skating this evening so I should have some new video and pictures up soon.

The teaching portion of my Master’s degree is quickly coming to a close. I have a lot of loose ends to tie up so that I can say when this is done is a few months that I am going to be certified by September.

Went to go see “How to Train Your Dragon” last night with D. Not to name drop but my best friend is a producer for Dreamworks and he strongly recommended we go see it. Absolutely loved it.

Not sure if I would put it ahead of “Kung Fu Panda” as far as Dreamworks animated movies go. I really loved the Fu. But I would place it ahead of a few Pixar films on my list of favorite animated films.

The visuals were just amazing. It was almost the Anti-Eragon (don’t get me started on my hatred of Eragon). I loved that the kid needed the dragon as much as the dragon needed him, it made for a very touching story.

I love leaving a theatre feeling content with the cash we just laid down.

As far as what is exiting me right now.


Best. Thing. I. Have. Ever. Seen (thanks Drew)

Those who know me know that the list of things that I hate consists of the following in no particular order:

and Diseases

(Although I love Alien Robots)

But if there is an alien I love, it’s Predator. At least Predator makes no excuses about what he is going to do to you. He is going to kill you. And if you put up a good fight, he is going to tear your skull and spine out of your carcass, he is going to polish it, and he is going to hang it on his wall with all his other trophies.

Unlike Aliens, who impregnate you with thier offspring and use you like some twisted incubator, Predator finishes you quickly.

And, Predator loves to kill Aliens, which is awesome.

This movie is going to be awesome. (Which is exactly what I said after seeing the trailer for Alien v. Predator Requiem, which failed, epically)

The Deathly Hallows

Just put Avi to bed, settled onto the couch and was flipping looking for something to watch. Stopped on Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban for lack of anything better to watch.

During the first commercial break, these scenes came up as part of ABC Family’s Harry Potter Weekend.

Fool me once with bad Harry Potter movies, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on me again. Fool me three times, and I must really loves this series of books.

I love that it looks like they got the Shell Cottage scene correct. There is no more important moment in any of the books than when Harry makes the decision while digging Dobby’s grave, Horcruxes, not Hallows.

Thank You, Bill

Bill Maher’s New Rule: FIRE THE PARENTS!

When there are no books in the house, and there are no parents in the house, you know who raises the kids? That’s right, the television. Kids aren’t keeping up with their studies; they’re keeping up with the Kardashians. We’re allowing the television, as babysitter, to turn us into a nation of slutty idiots. By the way, one sign your 9-year-old may be watching too much One Tree Hill: if she has an imaginary friend with benefits.

It is too easy to say that all the problems that we have in education are based in bad parenting.

But it is a lot closer to the truth than it being the teacher’s fault.

Thank god, as I am writing this Avi is reading a book.

Speaking of Race in Sports

Continuing the theme from the other day and the Torii Hunter comments. I ran across This… while I was drinking my coffee this morning and found it very interesting.

I bookmarked the website The Mo’Kelly Report

Wide receiver and father Plaxico Burress … jail (Home recently foreclosed) Star guard and unwed father (2 children) Gilbert Arenas … on his way to jail. Rapper Lil Wayne, unwed father of 4 children (two born simultaneously to different women) … just finished tucking himself in … you got it, prison. Black male pathology is in full swing. It’s not funny and it’s not a figment of one’s imagination. It’s true and we should recognize it for what it is.

I am using the Torii Hunter statements as a mini lesson on Race today, as Sid said, this is either going to be very good, or very bad.