I love Torii Hunter

But he said some really stupid things about race in baseball.

Now, like the author of the post quoted above, I do not assume to know more about race and baseball than Torii.

What I do know, is that African slaves were brought from the West coast of Africa and brought to locations all over the New World.

Ask my U.S. History classes, we covered this topic in depth.

Someone being Dominican, or Costa Rican, or American, is just an arbitrary function of where their African ancestors were brought.

The author of that post pretty much sums up my feelings on race and athelets in baseball.


2 comments on “Impostors

  1. Jeremy says:

    "Hunter's comments speak to our nation's profound immaturity when it comes to race."Good quote.I don't know if I agree with his claim that sports are the closest we get to a meritocracy.

  2. Hunter, who is one of my favorite players in the league, and truly one of the "good guys" spent most of yesterday backtracking from his comments. And yes, I completely agree with you about the meritocracy statement.

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