Speaking of Race in Sports

Continuing the theme from the other day and the Torii Hunter comments. I ran across This… while I was drinking my coffee this morning and found it very interesting.

I bookmarked the website The Mo’Kelly Report

Wide receiver and father Plaxico Burress … jail (Home recently foreclosed) Star guard and unwed father (2 children) Gilbert Arenas … on his way to jail. Rapper Lil Wayne, unwed father of 4 children (two born simultaneously to different women) … just finished tucking himself in … you got it, prison. Black male pathology is in full swing. It’s not funny and it’s not a figment of one’s imagination. It’s true and we should recognize it for what it is.

I am using the Torii Hunter statements as a mini lesson on Race today, as Sid said, this is either going to be very good, or very bad.


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