(Fantasy) Baseball Season

Sunday marks the begining of the 2010 MLB season. Many, many people have been (justifiably) turned off by baseballs ungodly salaries, the attitude (percieved or real) of the players, the PEDs, the owners, the publicly financed stadiums, the cost of tickets…and on and on.

I however simply cannot be counted among that group.

I fint into a special group, one whose lives are invaribly tied to the ups and downs of their ill-fated franchise.

I, am a Mets fan.

Three collapses in the past four years. Unmet expectatations, national media using us as their punching bag. These are the things I have come to expect as payback for my fandom.

So the season starts and many people are picking the Mets (and their 140 million dollar payroll, third highest in the league and highest in the NL) to finish dead last, or next to it.

I don’t think they will be this bad, but if the starting pitching doesing improve, it could be a long summer. For Danielle, we met last year when the Metsies were already out of the hunt. I had stopped watching games and caring completely. She has never experienced a Mets season where I cared, which could make the next 6 months very interesting.

The real upside is that with Baseball season comes Fantasy Baseball season. I have finished all three of my drafts and will be keeping posted on what is going on. Every year it seems I pick one guy who ends up being a superstar in the making.

I picked Josh Hamilton when he was still just a recovering crack addidct. I picked the Kung Fu Panda (Pablo Sandoval) when he was still just a fat third baseman who swings at everything.

This year, it’s Jason Heyward of the (hated) Atlanta Braves. The hype surrounding this 20 year old kid is Lebron-esque, and I think he has the talent to live up to every bit of it.

So Sunday night I’ll be there watching. Not only for the baseball, but because I own a few Red Sox.


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