NFL Draft!!

There was a time in my life when Draft Day was literally a holiday for me.

Some things have changed in my life, priorities and what not, thankfully, the NFL has complied with my needs and adjusted the schedule.

Instead of having to Waste spend an entire Saturday following every pick, I can now get my parenting and home owning responsibilities out of the way during the day and watch the draft at night. Thank you NFL.

Now, as far as the picks go, is there any way that Suh falls to the Bucs at pick #3? Probably not, but I can hope can’t I?

The Bucs can really do no wrong with this pick, short of picking Jimmy Freaking Clausen. If they land Suh, I am thrilled, if they draft Gerald McCoy, I am happy, if they pick Eric Berry, I am still happy.

Although I have grown up a bit and don’t quite follow all of this as closely as I might have once upon a time, I will be watching tonight, and tomorrow night, and Saturday.

Lets Go Bucs

It looks like there could be a few Penn State guys going in the first round or two, which is awesome. Jered Odrick is an awesome, solid player who will make an awesome 3-4 D end. Or a 4-3 1 technique.

Call me a Tim Tebow hater, but there is absolutely no reason for this young man’s name to be called at any point either tonight or tomorrow night. He is going to be a marginal NFL player, at any position. I don’t want to hear about how much he has won at the College level, the guy has been surrounded by the best college talent in the country for four years. Remember that Percy Harvin guy?

If anyone falls through the first round, god I hope it is Jimmy Clausen. I have never hated a player the way I hate this kid.


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