“Show Me Your Papers”

Show me your papers

Have you ever watched a film that depicted Nazis that didn’t contain the phrase “Show me your papers”?

The answer is no, no one has. And this, in essence is what we have now in the great state of Arizona.
What I think about this law is fairly irrelevant, I have very little experience with illegal immigration. I do know that American citizens are American citizens. I know that the Tea Baggers are all about getting the Gov’ment out of their personal lives, as long as it is their personal lives, not the personal lives of Brown People that the Gov’ment is getting all up in. In this case, my guess is they are all for this.
I think Joe Scarborough says it far better than I could
“…It does offend me when one out of every three citizens in the state of Arizona are Hispanics, and you have now put a target on the back of one out of three citizens, who, if they’re walking their dog around a neighborhood, if they’re walking their child to school, and they’re an American citizen, or a legal, legal immigrant — to now put a target on their back, and make them think that every time they walk out of their door they may have to prove something. I will tell you, that is un-American. It is unacceptable and it is un-American.”
You read that right, that was Joe Scarborough, not Joe Biden. I think that speaks volumes about this. We are talking about American citizens being asked to produce their papers. Is there a problem with illegal immigration in this country? Absolutely there is.  I just have to think this is not a great way to begin to deal with the issue.

3 comments on ““Show Me Your Papers”

  1. jeremy says:

    Good point on the we-don’t-face-immigration-where-we-are like Arizonans do. I can almost empathize with their “pointy-end-of-the-spear” complex. I mean, what if the rest of the country tried to say NY couldn’t regulate their own banking industry? (OK, bad example. Moving on…)

    You should check the libertarian vibe on this. They want small government *and* hate the AZ law.

    On one hand, I’d like to see this law stick long enough to produce the negative consequences it will invariably bring. One the other, the injustice that will accompany it is too great.

  2. terry4505 says:

    I know enough to know that I believe that States should have the right to pass laws like this. I also know that I believe that it is for exactly this reason that the federal government needs to exist. Someone’s Constitutional Rights are being violated here somewhere.

  3. terry4505 says:

    But…If Joe Scarborough is right, and 1 out of 3 people in Arizona are Latino American Citizens, then they need to get their asses to the polls and make some changes in that State’s government if they are dissatisfied.

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