The Mets?!?

Jose Reyes

What in the world is going on with the Mets?

I haven’t checked a calendar but is it 2006 again? I am actually enjoying watching the games. I am at a point now where I can watch and win or lose, I don’t want to throw things at the TV.
It wasn’t just that they have been losing so much the last three years, it has been how they have lost. Uninspired, boring, lazy, bad baseball is not fun to watch, even when you win.
Exciting, dramatic baseball, where guys are hustling their butts off is fun to watch, even if they lose.
I don’t think they will win 8 out of every 9 the rest of the way, not with this pitching staff. But there is no reason to think we cannot take 2 out of 3 here and there. We are talented, young, home-grown and playing with energy.
The D and I sat and watched a 10-5 beating last night and were as entertained as I have been in years watching these guys.
It is not coincidence that this has all come when we brought up Ike Davis, and Jose Reyes is heathy. We have young guys all over the field mixed with Vets like Bay and Santana who are playing great.
I fully expect to lose games, it’s baseball (remember that whole game of failure thing), but as long as we are playing like this, I can live with the losses.
This weekend is going to be awesome. Three in Philly, if we can pull off 2 out of 3, I will have become a believer again.

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