Android is Taking Over the World

At least that is what I have been told…

Living with an iPhone user I have had a front row seat to the realities of iPhone Syndrome

When I purchased my first Android based phone (HTC Droid Eris on Verizon) there were no doubt issues with it that inhibited the phone capabilities. Many times I would go to show my iPhone user something, only to have my phone fail on me and embarrass both me and the Droid (this was actually a major part of my argument to Verizon for why they should allow me upgrade early).

The phone was not an iPhone. Period. It was cool, it did lots of cool, helpful things (syncing my Gmail calendar to my phone is on of my favorite Android features).  But if I was honest with myself, an iPhone, it wasn’t.

Fast forward 6 months. I talk Verizon into allowing me to upgrade, I purchase the Droid Incredible, and the phone is, simply incredible.

To give an example, yesterday I go for a run. I am listening to music…on my phone. My Pandora account is synced to my phone (no biggie, everyone’s smart phone does this). The running app I am using (Runstar) is using my position via GPS to track distance, pace, elevation and route. This I can then compare to other runs, upload to the web to share, and see how I am doing in my goal for the month. Had the phone rang, and it was an emergency, one button and I am taking the call.

Can the iPhone do all that, yes it can. Does having the iPhone to do all that come at a cost to the consumer, reference the links above.

I now have a phone that I don’t have to make excuses for. I now have phone that border lines on transparent in my life due to the ease in which it transitions into my day to day activities (yes, the voice in the back of my head warning about the impending robot rebellion keeps getting louder)

Long story short. My first Android phone was definitely not an iPhone. My second Android phone is Definitely not an iPhone, and thank the gods for it.


Jerry-Watch 2010 is Officially Underway

And so begins the official countdown to the next former manager of the New York Metropolitians.

Jerry Manuel will be fired before the end of the year. I would love to be able to use this space to say that it is not Jerry’s fault, that he is doing the best he, or anyone else can or could with the talent he has been handed. Of course, I would be lying…

As much as I like Jerry as a person and a leader of men, his far from a competent National League manager. The guy makes no less than three moves a night that leave me scratching my sparsely covered head.

Bullpen mismanagement seems to be a theme among Mets managers, but Jerry takes it to a whole other level.

Of course every once in a while, a game will come along that requires very little management, because unless you sit in the outfield with binoculars stealing signs (I’m looking at you Phillies), Johan Santana is an excellent pitcher.

The problems with the Mets go deeper than David Wright striking out at an ungodly pace. They go deeper than Jason Bay finally adding Home Runs #s 2 and 3 last night. They go deeper than our exhausted bullpen.

Omar Minaya has run this team into the ground. His strength has consistently been to add premier talent to the roster. He has been responsible for bringing in Pedro Martinez, Carlos’ Beltran and Delgado, Johan Santana, extending the contracts of David Wright and Jose Reyes, adding Jason Bay and K-Rod…all moves I applauded.

His weakness has been, and continues to be adding additional talent to the roster that produces at above replacement level. He has handed out massive contracts to guys who deserved no more than one year deals (Castillo, Perez) He has relied far too much on aging, declining talent based too much on past production.

He was behind the curve coming out of the Steroid Era. When other teams were realizing you cannot base current roster decisions on things guys did in the first 8 years of this decade, Omar traded FOR Gary Matthews Jr. and signed Brett Boone.

Until Omar goes, nothing changes with this team. There is too much emphasis from Mets management on today’s game, or this next series. The manager should be focused on today and tomorrow, the front office should be planning for 6-12 months down the road. If Jerry was good enough to bring back this year (he wasn’t), he should be good enough for the year, regardless of what happens in any given three game stretch. You cannot run a team by focusing on tomorrow’s results.

The entire mindset of the organization speaks to how dysfunctional the whole thing is. They are too reactionary.

In other, much more positive news, I am either leading, or in the top two of each of my three fantasy baseball leagues. I drafted and have managed three teams that are built for long-term success. I am consistently crushing the opposition, and damn it feels good.

And I’m Back…

So it’s back to work. Work, work…not Student Teaching work.

I am struggling trying to fit back in here. Part of it is physical, part of it is mental. My desk was moved to the very front of our very large work space, to I sit with my back to my co-workers and have very little interaction with them.

The mental part is more of a struggle. After doing something so drastically different with my life for 15 weeks, it feels weird to be back here, doing exactly what I was doing before.

It feels a bit like a short break before I go back to what I really want to to do, which is teach. The prospects of which do not look totally terrible.

So in the meantime, I struggle through this, trying to find my way again, trying to find my place here…and perhaps more importantly find the motivation to do this again, and do it well.

Grown Ups Are So Serious

I can run up and down this hill…I can roll down this hill…I can pretend this hill is a slide and grass stain my shorts.

This hill is a pain in the ass to mow. I hope she doesn’t fall and hurt herself. I always worry that she is going to hit her head again…

I can pull out his grass and make coffee with it if I mix it with just enough dirt. I can pour it out on the garage floor if I don’t mix it right and start over again…

I feel like I sweep this garage floor every other day. If she drops that coffee pot, she could really get hurt.

If I run around the house fast enough it is almost like I am racing. I get really dizzy, which I love. Mosley chases me and I love him…

Why does she have to run everywhere?

After my nap is my favorite time to play… We can play outside, we can play in the driveway, we can play in the house, we can go swimming or go to the playground…

By the time I get home, I just need to lay down. I spend so much energy every day just getting through my day…I am so tired

Everything is a toy, everything is new and exciting.

The mortgage, the bills, the garage roof, the driveway, there is so much to do, so much to pay for, so much to worry about, so much to care about, so many things on my mind, so much I am trying to balance, so much. So, so much.

I wish Daddy wasn’t so serious

I wish I wasn’t so serious

Student Teaching…Ovah

So it’s done.

I walked out of Spencerport on Friday (no one told me that Thursday could have been my last day) and I was a total mess. I cried most of the way to my car. It wasn’t so much about missing my kids, or the class. I think it was more to do with where I was in December of ’07 and how far I have come. I didn’t think back then that I would have come this far, this fast and be one step away from doing with my life all the things I have hoped I could and would.

So I am done with the teaching peace, now comes the “find a job” piece, and all the complications that go along with it.

One nice thing is that I am back at my job that has me at my desk a lot more, which means more time for writing.

What has been on my mind, kind of floating around back there is the Mess in the Gulf

I have pleanty to say about this, but I think I have been avoiding talking or writing about it because part of me hopes it is some type of bad dream that will just go away if I ignore it.

anyways, welcome back me.