Grown Ups Are So Serious

I can run up and down this hill…I can roll down this hill…I can pretend this hill is a slide and grass stain my shorts.

This hill is a pain in the ass to mow. I hope she doesn’t fall and hurt herself. I always worry that she is going to hit her head again…

I can pull out his grass and make coffee with it if I mix it with just enough dirt. I can pour it out on the garage floor if I don’t mix it right and start over again…

I feel like I sweep this garage floor every other day. If she drops that coffee pot, she could really get hurt.

If I run around the house fast enough it is almost like I am racing. I get really dizzy, which I love. Mosley chases me and I love him…

Why does she have to run everywhere?

After my nap is my favorite time to play… We can play outside, we can play in the driveway, we can play in the house, we can go swimming or go to the playground…

By the time I get home, I just need to lay down. I spend so much energy every day just getting through my day…I am so tired

Everything is a toy, everything is new and exciting.

The mortgage, the bills, the garage roof, the driveway, there is so much to do, so much to pay for, so much to worry about, so much to care about, so many things on my mind, so much I am trying to balance, so much. So, so much.

I wish Daddy wasn’t so serious

I wish I wasn’t so serious


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