And I’m Back…

So it’s back to work. Work, work…not Student Teaching work.

I am struggling trying to fit back in here. Part of it is physical, part of it is mental. My desk was moved to the very front of our very large work space, to I sit with my back to my co-workers and have very little interaction with them.

The mental part is more of a struggle. After doing something so drastically different with my life for 15 weeks, it feels weird to be back here, doing exactly what I was doing before.

It feels a bit like a short break before I go back to what I really want to to do, which is teach. The prospects of which do not look totally terrible.

So in the meantime, I struggle through this, trying to find my way again, trying to find my place here…and perhaps more importantly find the motivation to do this again, and do it well.


2 comments on “And I’m Back…

    • terry4505 says:

      I would have no problem dishing out the money for a set of those. But whatever I am doing on my computer (blogging for instance) is probably at least %50 more work related than my coworkers who sit behind me. So there isn’t much of a fear factor.

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