Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

So we are edging closer and closer to the reported release date and the excitement is building, at least in this house.

The EW article answers some of the questions that have been floating around 159 South Ave for months.

The biggest mystery has been (aside from how badly they will butcher my favorite of the 7 books) where will they split the film. From the time they announced that the final film would be two full length films, we have wondered (and debated) where is the best place for the split, and more importantly, where would the director choose to split it.

We now have an answer.

Part one will end when Voldemort robs Dumbledore’s grave of the Elder wand, the Death Stick, the Wand of Destiny. All of which Harry sees in his head on the banks of the lake that Harry, Ron and Hermione jumped into following their escape from Gringotts.

I was surprised to hear this because it seems to fall so late in the book. This means that Part 2 will consist of basically the battle for Hogwarts.

Part 1 will have to include parts of the Wedding, the Escape, the assault on the Ministry, all that Camping, Godric’s Hollow, Ron’s return, Malfoy Mannor, and Gringotts. Needless to say, there is going to be a lot going on in Part 1.

I have said before that the logical break would be just after Dobby’s death, Harry having just made the choice to pursue Horcruxes, not Hallows. I would have ended part one just after Harry spoke with Olivander and Griphook, and started part 2 with Harry sitting on the cliffs at Shell Cottage looking out over the ocean. But hey, what do they care what I think .

Because of where they have chosen to split the film, there will be ample time to give a full treatment to the battle for Hogwarts, the Pensive, Back into the Forrest, Kings Cross and the Flaw on the Plan.

Trying to temper my expectations is not working well.


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