The Roller Coaster That is the Mets

I have commented already this year on the roller coaster that is the Mets.

But instead of it being a fun, excited, sometimes scary roller coaster, this is like a terrifying, broken down roller coaster that I have already ridden for four years, and it is not fun or enjoyable at all. Now it is just sad and pathetic.

Luckily I am not the only one who feels this way

Take this last week for instance.

Tuesday, Mets win, everything is great. Wednesday, with two out in the 8th inning, we don’t go to our 12 million a year closer, we instead place the game in the not-so-capable hands of journeyman Manny Acosta. A grand slam later, and the game is basically over. Our manager explains after the game that if he had used his closer for 4 outs, he would have lost him for 14 days. Which makes literally no sense.

After the game, said closer beats the crap out of his father-in-law in the clubhouse, spends the night locked away in a jail cell somewhere in the bowls of Citi Field, and is facing charges of 3rd degree assault.

Later that day, when you don’t think things can get any worse, our Ace goes out and throws a complete game shutout, racking up a season high 10 Ks. All is well again.

David Wright hits .400 for the month of July and literally has 3 hits in August. What the hell is going on?

This has been the story for this team dating back to that curve ball Beltran watched for strike three in ’06. There is something inherently wrong with this team, from top to bottom, and no one small move is going to fix it.

I was watching MLB Tonight the other day, and they were talking about the total shift in culture that Baltimore has seen under Buck Showalter. I found myself wondering, if the Mets were to fire Willie, I mean Jerry today, bring in Wally Backman and have a total shift in managerial approach, would the Mets be able to have a run like the Orioles just had?

The answer I immediately came to is no, they could not. Because the problem is not just Jerry. He is part of it, but not the key. It’s not just David Wright, or Jose Reyes, or Luis Casillo, Beltran, K-Rod, Ollie or any other player. It’s not just Francouer swinging at the first three pitches he sees in literally every at bat and then running to the media to complain about playing time. It’s not just Omar’s terrible moves. It’s not just Jeff Wilpon running the team like his own personal play thing, not a productive major league team. It’s not just our image locally or nationally, it’s not just this or that.

It is all of it. The entire culture of the team from front to back and top to bottom is rotten. It’s like a cancer that took hold when Beltran watched that third strike, and has only grown worse and worse. The bandaids that have been applied have not made the cancer go away.

Has the time come for seriously considering trading Reyes, Wright, Beltran or Santana? I don’t know. But what I do know is that the status quo is not working.

I am embarrassed to be a fan of this team right now. This cancer is not going to go away. Even if this team did have it in them to make a run and sqeak into the post season, it would not change what is wrong with this organization. I am rooting for them to fail, because only in failure will any real change take place. Although, if last year is any evidence, failure in this organization…is totally acceptable.

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