This feels awfully familiar.

Another Mets season has ended in heartbreak and disappointment. I will say this however, at least they are making it easier on the fans.

The playoff loss to the Cardinals in ’06, the collapses in ’07 and ’08 were almost unbearable. At least in ’09 and again this year, there was little heartbreak, as we were out of it well before the calendar flipped over to August.

The Minaya regime has been an utter failure. For six years we have been among the highest payrolls in the league, and have made one (2006) playoff appearance. Blame injuries, or curses, or whatever, this team has failed on literally every plane.

The circus has to stop. The players being arrested for punching their girlfriends fathers. Players missing half a season for injuries that were originally labeled minor.

My biggest complaint has been the utter lack of a unified voice coming from this team.

What I hope comes from today is some direction and a single mission. Fred and his moron son need to step out and say, this has been an utter failure, and these are the steps we are going to take to fix it. Then, hire a new GM, someone with a strong voice that can lead this franchise out of this mess. Someone with a plan, and the power to execute that plan.

I am so tired of this band aid approach to team building. The damn has been leaking for years, and Omar stood, up to his knees in flood water, trying to plug the holes with his fingers, as more and more leaks continued to spring.

We need to rebuild the damn, dammit


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