What are the Deathly Hallows?

The wait (at least half of it) is over. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released last night. From my perspective, it did not disappoint.

I obviously had my issues with the film, as I have had with each that has come before it. I said after Order of the Phoenix that the team that is been entrusted to recreate this series has finally started to get things right. Occasionally, some of the cuts and or additions that they make are so egregious that I can’t in good conscious overlook them. Of course I am speak of the ridiculous Burrow attack scene that makes absolutely no sense in Half-Blood Prince.

There were very, very few additions to Hallows that I really had a problem with.

**********Spoilers Contained Below*********************

Really, the only thing that they added that made me cringe was having Grindewald tell Voldemort where he could find the Elder Wand. I found it an important aspect of the book that as his dying act, Gridewald stood up to Voldy.

Aside from that, the only thing that rubbed me the wrong was how chatty Dobby was throughout the film. I know many people were pleased to see him back, but I didn’t think he needed to hold a full conversation with Bellatrix prior to departing from Malfoy Mannor.

The number one issue that I have had with the film versions has been what they have chosen to remove from them. For instance, how do you leave out of Prizoner of Azkaban that Harry’s father was one of the creators of the map, and that Harry’s patronus was a stag? The entire theme of the book was Harry coming to terms with his parents and their existence.

A few of the things that they have chosen to leave out of previous films came back to bite them in Hallows. I was never a fan of the ending scene in the H-BP film, where the Death Eaters were not forced to fight their way out of the school. Had they stuck to the book, Bill Weasley could have been introduced and attacked by Greyback. Throwing him into the opening scene was awkward.

I wish they had done more with Dumbledore’s past. They didn’t address much of the history that fills the pages of the Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. I think that stuff is important in that it creates tension between Harry and Dumbledore, which is a key theme of the book. Harry has to learn that his former head master was a human being, capable of the same mistakes we all make.

I would have like to see Voldemort arrive in Godric’s Hallow, by showing up he sees the picture of Grindewald and is able to connect the dots between Gregorovitch’s memory and the Elder Wand’s location. In the film, he shows up at Nurmenguard with no explanation of how he knew to go there.

What has always bothered me about the things that they cut from the films, is that it would not add time to the film (which I have always assumed is the only good reason to cut such key elements). You can easily put this stuff in, and I think it creates a fuller, richer story.

The scene with Hermione and Harry dancing was added, and I thought it was perfect.

I don’t want to sound like I didn’t enjoy the film. I did, I actually loved it. I loved the mood they created. The action scenes were exciting and placed perfectly to keep the film moving.

I think they did a great job with where the film ended. Dobby’s death is the logical split in the films. It is at that point in the book where Harry stops following the bread crumbs left for him by his dead friend, and makes a choices that will ultimately impact his survival.

I don’t care what non-fans think of the film. I loved it and can’t wait for July.