Perception is Everything

When you look like a ridiculously sad basset hound, people are not going to like you. People are naturally drawn to attractive, energetic people.

This rule applies to all people, in all aspects of life. It is magnified one hundred fold when the droopy-eyed sad face is attached to the body of an NFL quarterback.

Jay Cutler is not attractive, that much is clear. He walks around all day with a facial greeting card that resembles a formless, doughy, flesh-colored bean bag chair. Look at that face and tell me if you see this as the face of confidence.

If Jay Cutler were really hurt (I played on a 2nd degree MCL Sprain similar to the one Cutler has been reported to have suffered Sunday), which I am not going to argue, because I simply cannot see an NFL QB bowing out of his first Conference Championship game because he was performing poorly, he could have at least appeared to have been interested in the game.

This goes back to my point for writing this, was the dude hurt? Sure, I’ll buy it. Could the dude have played with a 2nd degree MCL sprain? Maybe, maybe not, when I sprained my knee (I was hit directly on my knee from the outside in, so it bent in, stretching the MCL on the inside of my to the point of tearing the fibers) the knee felt wobbly with each step and swelled up quickly. Could he have come back out with a brace on, appeared to care about the outcome of the game and been a part of the team? Yes, I think he could have.

I realize that all we, as the viewing audience were able to see was what the TV producers chose to show us, but how many shots of his emotionless doughy face standing silently, or sitting not interacting with the 3rd string QB do they have to show before it APPEARS that Culter did not care about the outcome of the game. It was not as if the Packers were up by 21 and the Bears had no chance. The game was winnable, how about you sit with the backup and go over what he is seeing out there, keep in mind this is a guy who has thrown 36 career NFL passes. How about standing next to the offensive coordinator and help relay play calls, or meet with the offense on the sideline and give your perspective of what you are seeing.

Of course, all of this would be moot, if only he looked more like this guy —–>

As I say, perception is everything, and the perception of Jay Cutler is that he is a mentally weak, selfish, doughy faced douche who is generally disliked by players both current and former, regardless of whether they have played with him or not.

The point to all this is, I don’t want Jay Cutler as my team’s QB, I am not saying this, or criticizing him because I am jealous that my team did not make the NFC Championship game. I am saying all of this because there are a few characteristics that I want in my teams QB… and leadership is one of them. Leadership is a hard thing to define, it’s like chemistry in a baseball clubhouse. You don’t know what makes it, you don’t know how to get it, but when you have it, you know you have it. Jay Cutler does not have it, Josh Freeman does. Freeman is a second year player, on a team that went from 4-12 to 10-6, and when you watch him play, when you see how players around him respond to the things he says, you see a respect that comes not from the number of years a player has been in the league, but from one player trusting in another because of the content of their character.

Jay Cutler’s character was on display for the world to see on Sunday, and I just thank the football gods that it was a Chicago Bears team he was leading, not my Buccaneers.


2 comments on “Perception is Everything

  1. jbrowne says:

    Yeah, the perception door swings both ways. Look at how Jimmer Fredette is suddenly good. I wonder if he’d get the same review from UB fans if the game was played this weekend.

  2. terry4505 says:

    I just like saying “Jimmer”…

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