I started P90X last week. I started once before, about five months after Avi was born. At the time I was really unhappy with how I looked/felt. I stuck with it for about a month, but I quit due to the holidays and never got back into it.

I started a week and a half ago. The workouts are about 45 minutes. I thought the biggest issue would be time, which it is. I am by no means a morning person, but I have been setting my alarm for 5:30 and working out in the morning.

So far the results have been amazing. I feel so much more energy. I am eating better, and I can already see a difference in my body.

I am targeting a 20 pound weight loss. I have easily that much I can lose. I played football at about 205 and I think that it is a reasonable goal given my body type.

I have been tracking all of my workouts and have shown improvements in a week. I will do the full 3 months. I just have to keep pushing play everyday.