I started P90X last week. I started once before, about five months after Avi was born. At the time I was really unhappy with how I looked/felt. I stuck with it for about a month, but I quit due to the holidays and never got back into it.

I started a week and a half ago. The workouts are about 45 minutes. I thought the biggest issue would be time, which it is. I am by no means a morning person, but I have been setting my alarm for 5:30 and working out in the morning.

So far the results have been amazing. I feel so much more energy. I am eating better, and I can already see a difference in my body.

I am targeting a 20 pound weight loss. I have easily that much I can lose. I played football at about 205 and I think that it is a reasonable goal given my body type.

I have been tracking all of my workouts and have shown improvements in a week. I will do the full 3 months. I just have to keep pushing play everyday.

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2 comments on “P90X

  1. Good luck! I myself just started P90X this past Saturday. I totally love it. It’s a challenging workout but no at all boring, which is what I prefer. I think Tony Horton is a great trainer and keeps me motivated. Prior to purchasing it I was looking for negative feedback just to see if there was any. I really didn’t find any and now I know why. The only bad comments where that people complained that you had to be in decent shape to do it. Well, they say so on the website and even give alternatives to P90X if not yet in good shape; thus, working your way up to P90X. Good luck in your weight loss goals!

  2. […] has been almost a year since I started This Journey and I continue to be incredibly motivated by my results and how amazing I feel. I started taking […]

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