The Results

I was initially too embarrassed to show these pictures. But, after having sucked it up and shown them around a bit, and really being blown away but the response from people, I have decided to post them here. I didn’t take day 1 pictures. I was too ashamed of how I looked.

The Picture on the left was taken in December of 2009. January 2010 was I think the most I have ever weighed, somewhere between 230-235 depending on the time of day. My weight usually fluxuates between 2-5 pounds a day.

On March 14th I was 228.5. I started p90x and after missing two workouts in the first week due to overwhelming soreness, I didn’t miss another workout for 3 full months.

In the pictures, they go from left to right, from mid-April to mid-May to mid-June. (white shorts, black shorts, white shorts).

From Drop Box
From Drop Box
From Drop Box
From Drop Box

I went from looking like a D-lineman, to an inside linebacker, to a DB in 3 months. I weight 202-ish now (I played football at 205). I went from a size 36-33-ish. None of my clothes fit. I did all of this by pushing play every day and eating well. I didn’t even follow the diet guide that comes with the program. I cannot imagine what the results would have been like had I done so.

Instead of taking a week off like I told myself I would, I jumped right into a p90x/Insanity hybrid, where I have substituted all of the p90x cardio workouts for Insanity. Not to sound arrogant, but Kenpo X and Plyo X are not hard enough any more. I still do Yoga X every Saturday. It is my firm belief that Yoga is the glue that holds the entire program together, and without it, the rest is pointless.

I cannot imagine what the results are going to be after three months of this hybrid. I have found that if I have a calendar with my workouts planned out, it takes all of the guess-work out of it. That way, when I am stumbling around half-blind in the mornings getting ready to workout, I don’t give myself the opportunity to back out, or pick an easier workout. It is already planned, all I have to do is push play. I know myself well enough to know that if given the opportunity, I will make excuses for why I should take it easy today. I did so for the last four years. I am done making excuses. This is possible. It was hard as hell. I have worked my ass off (literally). But it is possible. This is not a 90 day program. It is a rest of your life program.

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