P90X/Insanity Hybrid

I just wrapped up the first phase (weeks 1-4) of my p90x/Insanity hybrid. I continue to feel amazing. I have lost more weight (from 203.5-197.5) and am close to my goal of 195.

Insanity can only be described as “Insane”… I have turned the cardio workouts from p90x into recovery workouts because compared to Insanity, there is no comparison. The warm-up alone in Insanity is harder, from a cardio standpoint, than anything in p90x. I think when I am done with this 3 month round (I am in the second week of phase 2) I will follow the traditional Insanity calendar, which is 60 days.

As for now, this is where I am at,  a far cry from where I was in March:

From P90x
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