Where to Go From Here…

When I started this process back in March, I was tipping the scale at 228.5. When I set out, my goal was 195, it was like a magic number in my head. I remember distinctly, weighing 195 and pounding protein shakes prior to weigh in for football because I felt like if it said, Terry Gilmore-OLB- 5-10- 200 in the program, I would be more legit (yes, I was and am that freakin shallow).

So when this whole thing kicked off back when there was snow on the ground, the Mets were in no worse shape than they are now, the NFL lockout had just started, and the Debt Ceiling debate was just a twinkle in John Boener’s half-drunk eye, I was close to 35 pounds heavier than I am today.

P90X is 3 months, each month is broken down into 3 weeks hard resistance/cardio, 1 week “recovery” which is really just as hard, just different as it is more core/endurance work and less resistance. This is my second round of this madness, and I should have started my recovery week for my second month today. Given that I am going to be in Cape Cod next week, and starting phase 3 won’t be an option, I am going to keep going hard this week, and recover next week on a beach (I will still walk, run, swim and do some Yoga). Then I will start Phase 3 the Monday that we get back.

The larger question here is, now that I have reached that magic number that has been in my head for going on 5 months, what do I do now to keep myself motivated? I think this is a more complex question than to simply say that I am going to get a new number in my head (hey, I played football at 175 my senior year of H.S.).

This has been a lifestyle change for me, not a 3 month diet fad. So in my head I have had to change the way that I think about eating/working out. This is a lot harder than it may sound. I have been told, “hey, don’t worry about eating this pizza, you have worked so hard, you’ve earned it.” It is this mentality that got me where I was, which is a place I never want to be again.

I have created a new normal, and in my new normal, working out daily and eating well are not a means to an end, the end being a number on the scale. Eating well and exercising are a part of my day in the way that making coffee and napping used to be. Instead of starting the coffee maker within 8 minutes of rolling out of bed, I push play on the DVD player. Instead of coming home and napping, I come home and go for a jog. It is sustainable, it is healthy, and it doesn’t entitle me to eat extra pizza, because hey, I worked out this morning.

In order to get myself out of the bad routine I was in, I had to become somewhat fanatical about my diet and excercise. I had to undo 5 or 6 years of bad habits. Now, I have new habits. I don’t have to be fanatical. If I miss a workout because of an infected finger (it is still sore) it is not the end of the world.

So instead of having a number in my head as a goal, health is my goal. Eat well, work hard, fell good. It is really pretty simple. And it has been the best decision I have ever made.