Six Months in- P90X Success

I started this journey in March of this year. At this point I have completed two full 3-month rounds of P90X. I stuck to the schedule in the first three months, except that I did two workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I lost 25 pounds in the first three months, going from 228.5-203.5. I was really happy with the round 1 results.

In round two I wanted to focus on improving my cardiovascular stamina, as well as improving the diet portion of the program. I cut out all red meat, and have had less than 10 meat-based meals in the last 4 months. By the time I finished round 1, the cardio workouts of p90x (Plyo-X and Kenpo) were no longer challenging enough. So I substituted in Insanity workouts for the cardio days. The Insanity workouts were nothing short of Insane. It took some getting used to, but now I enjoy them as much as I do any of the P90X workouts. At the end of round 2, I had lost another 10 pounds and was down to 193.5.

I finished about two weeks ago, when I was done I did a week of just Insanity workouts and then started another round of p90x (there is just enough time to squeeze in another round before my P90X2 get delivered). My current weight is 189.5, I have lost 46 pounds from when I was at my fattest.

So back in August, I submitted my before and after photos to for a chance to win up to $100,000. I didn’t really think anything would come of it. Well, on Monday I got an email from a woman who works in the Success Story department at Beachbody and she requested additional photos and information about my transformation. I wrote up something similar to this and sent it. She immediately sent me photo releases and legal documents that I had to sign and send back. I had professional quality pictures taken and sent them as well. I have no idea what may come of this, but it is exciting regardless.

The point of all this is not to brag about how I look. I have focused more on how I feel and what I am able to do as opposed to how I look. How I look is a side effect of the work I have put in. Six months ago I was fat and lazy and felt like crap. Now I am in better shape than I was playing football in college (I still have a year of eligibility, it’s never too late right?). I feel great, I literally feel like a different person.

I have tried to focus on returning my life to a state of balance. My life was out of balance and I desperately needed to regain it. Through yoga I have found balance between mind, body and spirit and my life is better for it. I did all of this while working, going to school, helping run a house and raise a kid (Beachbody should pay me for this). This wasn’t 3 months and done, I have changed the way I approach eating, exercising and living.