Update Video

Here is where I sit, about 3 weeks into P90X2. I cannot believe how effective this program is at targeting weaknesses and improving on them.

I was able to go from Crane to a handstand this morning (I have never really even done Crane before). Of course, it was at 5:30 this morning, so no one was there to witness it aside from the dog.

And Renegade Rows into Full Lalasanas from Balance and Power this morning. Hard to see from this angle…

And Med Ball Plyo Pushups from X2 Core:

Which are brutal on an unhealed broken wrist.

I am so excited to see the results in March, when it will have been a full 12 months. I recently started tracking all my food using MyFitnessPal on my phone. I thought I was eating really well… I wasn’t.

I am now eating between 1900-2000 calories with about 240 g Protein, 150 Carbs and 35 Fat. It is really hard to eat that much protein in a day.


P90X2- The Journey Begins Today

Well, technically the journey began yesterday while Avi was napping. I ordered X2 for myself back in September to take advantage of the free shipping. I ordered the deluxe package that included the foam roller (may I never go a week without foam rolling again, but more on that later) two medicine balls and the stability ball along with two additional workouts for phase 2. Upon further review, I wish I had sprung for the Ultimate kit that included the Rumble Roller, as I will probably be going out and getting one anyways.

I sampled a few of the phase 1 workouts the last two weeks, but took a week of recovery (using X2 Yoga and Recovery and Mobility, which included theĀ aforementioned foam rolling). I started yesterday with X2 Core and today with Plyocide. X2 offers a lot of freedom in scheduling which is a departure from x1, which was very rigid in the scheduling (which was necessary for me at that point in my life, when I needed structure). 10 months into this process, I have a greater understanding of my body and what is needed to achieve results, so the flexibility is something I like. Phase 1 is Foundation, where many of the workouts are focused on improving core strength and balance. After 9 months of X1 and Insanity, I have really good cardiovascular endurance and body strength, but core strength and balance are still weak spots. This was really evident the first time I tried to pull off the 1 leg med ball burpees in X2 core.

The foundation phase can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on need. I think after doing a few weeks of the routines after Christmas that I will shoot for 3 weeks followed by a short recovery and move into the second phase which is more similar to the structure of X1.

I didn’t follow the nutrition guide during my first 9 months, I just tried to eat clean, lean proteins and cut a lot of the garbage out of my diet. Because I didn’t follow the guide, I think I had to work harder to achieve the results I did, doing 2 sometimes 3 workouts a day to make up for a not-as-strict-as-it-could-have-been diet.

The goal this time is to use the MyFitnessPal app on my phone to track my food. I am shooting for about 1900 calories with 50% protein, 25% Carbs and 25% fat for the first month. It is going to be a real challenge meeting those percentages, but I am going to do my best.

I am starting from a level of fitness that is light years beyond where I was last March when I kicked my own ass into gear. I am 50 pounds lighter, Tim Tebow, I mean God only knows how much less % Body Fat. In order to take that to the next level, I have to truly dial in my nutrition and give every workout my absolute best effort.

When I am done with this in three months, it will be a year, almost to the day since my P90X start date (3/15/11). Ā I said back then that this was not a 3 month fad for me, that it was a life changing routine that I would stick with. The beauty of the P90X/Insanity/Asylum/X2 workouts is that there is so much variety that I don’t ever lose interest. When I need a change, I just change up to something else. Following these 3 months where I follow the program as it has been laid out, I will probably create a hybrid program with X2 and Insanity the Asylum. But lets focus on this first.












This is me this morning. 187 pounds. I will continue to update throughout the next three months.