So…Terry Got a New Job

I never really shared this on Facebook, aside from a throwaway comment about anyone having any teaching materials for Psychology and Law, but I was hired to teach in January.

It was ironic, or serendipitous, because I was preparing to leave my job for Per Diem subbing when I got called. I am teaching Psychology, Law and Study Skills as North East College Prep in Rochester. The first month or so was absolutely crazy as I got my feet wet and transitioned from Hillside, where I had been for almost four years. Leaving was really hard because of the relationships that I had made with my kids.

The first few weeks of teaching left me wondering what I was thinkning, when I assumed I could do this. Luckily things are getting better and I am starting to feel like I am hitting my stride. I have no experience teaching either Psychology, or Law and have no curriculum to work off of. I am basically making it up as I go along and teaching the things that interest me.

Today being the last day of February (Black History Month) I am showing an amazing PBS special called “Slavery by Another Name

I suggest this for anyone interested in learning more about a largely untold story of the means by which White southerners maintained institutionalized racism well into the 20th century.


Feedback Appreciated

Ever since I linked this site to Facebook, there has been a dramatic increase in hits to the site.

Unless the same two people are clicking on the link 40 times every time I post something, someone is reading it. It is a scary thing to post something (especially pictures) and have no idea who is looking and what they are thinking.

If you have thoughts, or feedback or think I am an idiot, please feel free to say so in the comments section on the blog or on Facebook. I have had this site going for almost five years (I started writing it after Avi was born and she will be five in July). During that time the focus of the blog has transitioned from sports, to politics, to what is clearly at the forefront of my mind currently; working out, diet and P90X2.

I am sure as time goes on this will change again. The title of the blog comes from my all time favorite Harry Potter quote and continues to define what I do with this space, it is literally whatever is on my mind.

Why I’m Taking Shakeology

I hinted yesterday that I would be posting a complete review of my experience so far with Shakeology.

A major reason why I signed up to be a Beachbody Coach was the     %25 discount on products. Everything that I had read, seen and heard about Shakeology stated that if I were to spend money every month on one supplement, this is the one I should be spending it on.

In the beginning of February I took the plunge. I have incorporated Shakeology into my daily diet and I can honestly say, that after about two weeks, I can literally already feel a difference. Up until today, I took my Shakeology in addition to eating oatmeal every day. This morning I decided it was time to see how my body would react to having noting for breakfast except for this super food  .

I was concerned, given the nature of my job (teaching) that I would find myself hungry and running on fumes. That has not been the case. I actually am going on about 2 hours of sleep today (it’s a long story) and aside from my brain feeling fatigued, I feel great. I still got up and worked out this morning and took my Shakeology along with a scoop of whey protein, ice and water.

As of this writing, it is about 1:00 pm. I have eaten lunch, and continue to feel great. So far, my grand experiment has been a success. I challenge anyone reading this to find me a negative review of Shakeology (aside from the cost, I realize it is expensive). I had a woman at the grocery store remark to me the other day that “boy, eating healthy is expensive”. To which I just politely nodded. What I wish I had said to her was that yes, it is expensive. But, how much do you spend at fast food restaurants in a week? How many times do you eat out? What do you spend in a year in medical bills? Prescription drugs? Alcohol? Snacks? The list goes on and on. The hidden cost of living an unhealthy lifestyle, when you really think about it, is overwhelming. I constantly ask myself, what is my good health worth to me? The answer is, I cannot attach a dollar figure to how important it is that I feel as great as I do.

So yes, Shakeology is expensive. But, it is a price I am willing to pay, because in my experience it is worth it. Here is video of Wayne Wyatt of TeamRIPPED discussing this very thing:

Check out some of Wayne’s results videos and the TeamRIPPED website as it is where I have found a lot of answers to questions that I have had.

If after reading this and doing your own research, you decide you want to give Shakeology a try, you can follow the links to the right to sign up for a free account with Team BeachBody. It has a 30-day money back guarantee, so there is really no risk other than that you will love it and have to continue to buy it. I have found that there are two groups of people, those who swear by Shakeology, and those who have yet to try it.

Updates to the Site

I made some updates to the site. If you have been reading for a long time, you may feel like the new layout is familiar, as it is very similar to what The Head looked like way back in ’08 when I started writing this thing.

The main reason for the change, is that the old layout did not fit with the new sidebar items you will notice to the right. If you scroll down you will see links to all the programs and supplements that I have used to get to where I am. The top link will take you to the Team BeachBody page where you can sign up for a free account and add me as your Coach.

With baseball season around the corner, and the obscene amount of research that goes into each of my three fantasy baseball drafts, I will have to find time to talk about something other than P90X2.

Today being the last day of my first ever February break as a teacher, I should be spending this time planning, grading etc. Instead, I have spent the morning/early afternoon finding ways to share my incredible life changing experience with others.

It has been almost a year since I started This Journey and I continue to be incredibly motivated by my results and how amazing I feel. I started taking Shakeology at the beginning of February and will have a full review up soon, as I continue to feel better and better. I was hired to teaching in the city in January and life has been absolute chaos as I have tried to get my feet under me, while at the same time dealing with leaving a job that I loved and students that I have formed strong relationships with. The one constant through this transition has been my diet and exercise. I don’t know how, or if I would have been able to do this job where I was a year ago, 55 pounds heavier, depressed and feeling like crap. I truly believe it is due to the life changes that I have made that I am able to do what I am doing.

If you have any questions or comments to hesitate to share them.

Terrance Gilmore, Independent Beachbody Coach


If you have been following me at all you know that I am coming up on one year since I decided to change the course of my life. For too long I was living as a passenger as the events of my life unfolded in front of me.

Last March (the 15th to be exact) I decided enough was enough and I took back control of my life. Although many of my friends and family may think I have gone a bit over the deep end, I feel amazing and want to share that with as many people as possible.

In January of this year, when I began P90X2 (which I am loving) I decided to take the plunge and become a Beachbody coach. My motives for this were twofold. First, as a coach I get a discount on beachbody products such as Shakeology  (which I am taking every day and will have more to say about in another post). The second motive was it allows me to help other people achieve the life-changing results that I have. If people are inspired by what they see and hear, they can purchase the same products that I am using, through me. For which I get a commission. My first thought when considering this, was that it sounds a bit “pyramid-schemey” and as a Mets fan, I am leery of anything that stinks of Madoff.

Then I found this:


I am not doing this to make a ton of money. If you have questions about any of the Beachbody products that I have used successfully (to date, P90X, Insanity, Insanity: The Asylum, P90X2 and Shakeology) or those I plan on using (E&E, Results and Recovery) please feel free to ask me, either through Facebook or email ( And if, after doing a lot of reading, searching etc., you are interested in trying any of these products, they can be purchased directly through my Beachbody Website.

I am going to continue to use these things because for me, and my lifestyle, they have worked. Going to the gym every day doesn’t work for me. My gym is a 4×8 space in my living room. It seems ridiculous, but I really feel that Beachbody has a program suited to whatever your specific needs are. No matter what your goals are. The beauty is, that now that I own P90X, X2, Insanity, The Asylum and P90X+, I can create my own programs that fit whatever it is that I am looking to do, without the possibility of boredom, which is a problem for me.

At the end of the day, this stuff has worked for me and I think it could work for other people too. I have already had a number of people contact me with questions and what not. It sounds really corny, but the Beachbody logo at the top of this post says “Decide, Commit, Succeed” and it really is that easy.

These are my 30 day P90X2 pictures. I am really proud of how far I have come.

And my latest attempt at Crane to handstand: