P90X2- Foundation Phase

The beauty of P90X2 is that it offers people the freedom to listen to their bodies and decide for themselves when it is time to transition to another phase. Unlike X1, where the schedule was very rigid, 3 weeks-recovery, 3-weeks-recover etc., X2 is built to be modified as needed.

I am in the midst of week 3 of Foundation. What I have found is that as my form has improved, as my core strength has progressed, the workouts, specifically, Core, Total Body and Balance and Power, have gotten harder. As I have learned the routines, and improved my form, my body has worked harder. Leading to me being more exhausted post-workout then I have been since the first time I tried Insanity: The Asylum. My core strength is light years beyond where it was a month ago. unlike X1, which involved a lot of standing flat footed and curling, pressing, and lifting weights. X2 forces you to do these same moves, while holding Warrior 3, or standing on one leg, or planking on a (dreaded) stability ball. You don’t just do standard push ups, or side-arm raises, you do them while balancing on med balls. X2 treats your body like a chain, from head to toe, and challenges the weakest links in the chain, the connective tissue and supportive muscles that separate people in good shape, from people who are in the best shape of their lives.

3 weeks in, and I can honestly say, I have never been challenged like this. For 9 months, through my first three rounds of X1, I was unable to do Crane Pose during Yoga X, this week, I was able to transition from holding Crane for more than 30 seconds, into a handstand. Something I never dreamed of. The next phase is Strength, which returns to more “lifting” while still working on stability and balance. I am hesitant to leave Foundation yet, because I feel that I still have room to grow and gain from this phase. X2 recommends between 3-6 weeks for Phase 1, and I am thinking  I will do 4.

I have also worked very hard to “dial in” my nutrition, something I didn’t do through the first 9 months. I am shooting for between 1900-2000 calories a day, with about 240g of protein, 160g Carbs, and 35g Fats. Using MyFitnessPal on my phone has made tracking my food so easy it has become second nature. I was always the person who, when going through the P90X diet guide, felt that it was too complex for me to be able to follow. Now, following Coach Wayne Wyatt’s tips on www.teamRIPPED.com, I have found simple solutions that literally can work for anyone.

I have been eating following his “1900 Calorie Diet” for about a week and can already see amazing results. I cannot wait to see what the day 30 pics look like. Stay tuned for future updates and keep pushing play every day.


One comment on “P90X2- Foundation Phase

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