Results May Vary

I was laying in bed last night and I stumbled upon the sort of new P90X infomercial. I watched as success story after success story was shown and people raved about the program and the results they achieved using the program. They claimed to be just normal, average people who achieved amazing results with the program. I tried to watch as an unbiased observer and see what I was watching as someone would who had not had the same success.

I can see how the material may appear misleading to some people. How, sitting at home out of shape, depressed and frustrated someone could watch the infomercial and think to themselves, sure those people were able to do it, but they must have dieted like crazy, they were probably in shape to begin with, they are probably professional actors etc. etc.

The reality is, that the warning at the bottom of the screen as they are showing the before and after pictures that states “results my vary” is absolutely true. What they are not saying however, is that the only variance will come from the effort, energy and enthusiasm of the person doing it. Period. If you buy into the program, if  you commit to it, change your lifestyle, change your eating habits, stop treating food as a reward and exercise as a punishment and commit, you will see the same results. It was weird watching these people because any one of them could have been me. I had every excuse, every reason to continue to be a bystander in my own life. I had work, school, a house, a child and on and on.

I am about a month away from the 1 year anniversary of the day I decided to make a change in my life. I have bought in. I did 9 straight months of P90X and P90X/Insanity. I didn’t miss a workout. I got up, every day and pushed play. My gym is a 8×4 foot space in my living room. I have lost 55 pounds and counting. I bought in and brought my absolute best every day. I realize how “born again Christian” this sounds, and honestly, I don’t care. I have been born again. I feel like I have given myself a new lease on life and I want to share that with others.

I am one month into P90X2 and the changes have been literally off the charts. The ads for the program stated “Tear the Roof Off Your Limits” … They were not joking or lying. I am in the absolute best shape of my life. I signed up to be a Coach through so that I can do my best to help others get where I am and beyond.

I have committed to taking Shakeology ( because everything that I have read, been told, seen and felt has told me that it is the fundamental building block to a lifetime of good health and fitness. Do some research, the stuff is amazing. In the week or so since I began drinking it (it is delicious as well) I am less hungry, have more energy and generally feel amazing.

If you are interested in Shakeology, trying P90X, X2, Insanity or any of the myriad of other programs BeachBody offers, email me and I will direct you to the resources that I have used to get where I am and where I plan on continuing to go. If you are frustrated with the gym, if you are upset with yourself, or feel like you need a change, seriously, do something about it. I ask myself daily what took me so long to do this. I have had a bunch of people ask me to burn them copies of the disks and I realize I may sound like a hypocrite here, but I am not going to do that. Yes, the first copies of P90X I recieved were burned. And because I didn’t invest anything in them, they sat on my shelf for two years before I used them. The disks for P90X are $119. There is a full 1 year return policy. I bought Insanity, Insanity: The Asylum, P90X+ and P90X2, and because I had to invest in them, I use them all. How much is your health and well being worth to you?

These are my 30 day results. Last March, I blew the buttons of a size 36 pant. I got measured for a Tux the other day and my waist was less that 31 inches.

I don’t mean to sound arrogant. I am really proud of myself and I want to share this with other people. But yes, the results may vary, depending on your level of committment.


3 comments on “Results May Vary

  1. […] January of this year, when I began P90X2 (which I am loving) I decided to take the plunge and become a Beachbody coach. My motives for this were twofold. […]

  2. […] When he talks about people who bought P90X, and then left it sitting in the closet for year, before using it, only to regret it later, that was me exactly. After my three months, my biggest regret (aside from not taking day 1 pics) was that I didn’t start sooner. This ties into my feelings about not burning the disks for people. I firmly believe that if you make the investment in the program, if you buy in financially and mentally, then you will see RESULTS. […]

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