So…Terry Got a New Job

I never really shared this on Facebook, aside from a throwaway comment about anyone having any teaching materials for Psychology and Law, but I was hired to teach in January.

It was ironic, or serendipitous, because I was preparing to leave my job for Per Diem subbing when I got called. I am teaching Psychology, Law and Study Skills as North East College Prep in Rochester. The first month or so was absolutely crazy as I got my feet wet and transitioned from Hillside, where I had been for almost four years. Leaving was really hard because of the relationships that I had made with my kids.

The first few weeks of teaching left me wondering what I was thinkning, when I assumed I could do this. Luckily things are getting better and I am starting to feel like I am hitting my stride. I have no experience teaching either Psychology, or Law and have no curriculum to work off of. I am basically making it up as I go along and teaching the things that interest me.

Today being the last day of February (Black History Month) I am showing an amazing PBS special called “Slavery by Another Name

I suggest this for anyone interested in learning more about a largely untold story of the means by which White southerners maintained institutionalized racism well into the 20th century.


One comment on “So…Terry Got a New Job

  1. Congrats on the new job. I taught middle school history for a couple of years before throwing my hands up and heading back to law school. I have been a practicing attorney for almost 8 years now. It has to be serious work to make up your own curriculum. If you ever want to bounce something off of me for your class, feel free. Good luck with middle schoolers!!

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