P90X2 Review- X2 Yoga

One of the major complaints about the original P90X, aside from the cost (which I addressed HERE) is the length of the workouts, specifically Yoga X. I personally never had a problem with the length of any of the other workouts (all under an hour) but the hour and a half of Yoga X was too much, especially if you follow the P90X calendar and do it on Thursdays.

Because of this, in my first three rounds of P90X (March-December) I adjusted the calendar, changing out the Saturday routine (Kenpo X) for Yoga and saving the longer and very relaxing Yoga routine for Saturday mornings. It became something I looked forward to every week. When I began P90X2 in January, one of the first things I did was rearrange the schedule to save X2 Yoga for Saturday mornings.

The first few times through the original Yoga X, I had to stop halfway through, because by the time I was done with the Warrior III sequence, I was spent. It took me the better part of a year to build the strength necessary to complete that routine and do it well. It is hard, it is uncomfortable, and for most people it is completely unfamiliar. This leads a lot of people, including Wayne Wyatt, my Beachbody Coach to sub it out for something else. I personally believe the Yoga is essential to the entire P90X system. The flexibility, range of motion and calmness of mind and body that I obtain through the practice of Yoga is something I have rarely experienced in my life. That is not to say that it is not hard, and that I do not still struggle with certain aspects. Until a few months ago, Crane was a pipe dream for me. But I keep trying.

Which brings me to this mornings routine, X2 Yoga. The first thing that is different is the length. X2 Yoga comes in at about 62 minutes including the warmup and cool down, this in my opinion was a major improvement on its predecessor. Yoga X was also very repetitive (I can still hear Tony saying “Warrior I, Warrior II, Reverse Warrior….” over and over). X2 Yoga moves fast, it is challenging and has made me stronger and more flexible. When I am done with it, I feel a tremendous high. I think this is one area where P90X2 has greatly improved on P90X.

I am in the middle of the Strength Phase and am taking a modified “Recovery Week” next week. What this really means is that I am going to continue to work my butt off, but do so using different routines to avoid the plateau effect. I am going to go back to using three of the workouts of the Foundation Phase (X2 Core, Total Body and Balance and Power) and do X2 Yoga between each. The version of P90X2 I purchased came with two additional workouts for the Strength Phase (Chest, Shoulders +Tris and V-Sculpt) which I will go to the following week.

I continue to be excited to see what the results of all of this work will look like in April. Next week is my birthday, followed by the 1 year anniversary for my starting P90X, which coincides with my 60th day of X2.

Here is me this morning working on my Crane to Handstand. I tried for a second one, and it wasn’t happening:

Now it is time for my Shakeology.

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