Fantasy Baseball… This is Not Good

I am finding myself in a very unfamiliar position. We are almost a week into March (the best month of the year by far) and I have not done a minute of fantasy baseball research.

There was a moment last spring, when I was taking two Masters level education classes, three on-line classes that the State was telling me I needed to complete my certification, on top of work and everything else. I went to Danielle and said, I have all these classes, plus three fantasy baseball leagues, there is too much on my plate. Her advice to me, drop a league.

I dropped a class.

I won two out of three leagues and reaffirmed to myself that if there is one thing I am good at in this world, it is picking an imaginary team of baseball players that will out perform 10 to 12 other guys imaginary teams of baseball players over the course of a season.

As this season is quickly approaching, I realize that I am in to position currently to repeat as champion. I usually have binder of information that I have stockpiled. I usually know whose 20-year-old first baseman is going to have a monster season. Right now I am clueless. I am more anxious about my upcoming drafts than I am that I have not planned anything to teach this week. My one track mind has been singularly focused on P90X2.

So here I sit, thinking Ike Davis is going to be the second best first baseman in the N.L after Joey Votto, when I find out he might have Valley Fever? At least one thing has not changed, the Mets cannot catch a break.


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