Subliminal Messaging

Of course I left it until 8pm on Sunday to decide what I am going to teach my Psych students now that we have (finally!) finished Psychological Disorders.

I never to Psych in high school, but I remember all the kids that did always talking about Mr. Partridge’s unit on Subliminal Messaging and thought I would give it a try. I will not be using the image to the right——–>

As I think it may be a bit too much for my very mature 9th-12th graders to handle.

I did put together a pretty sweep PowerPoint presentation with some images that I found when I poked around the internets.

I think I will also show them “Josy and the Pussycats” which actually has a pretty strong message about the power of advertising on young consumers.

As it turns out, I do my best work under pressure. I think this will blow my student’s minds away.

Here are some of the images that I am using:


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