P90X2- Terry’s Modified “Recovery” Week

I have mentioned before, one of the key features of P90X2 is the flexibility that is built into the program. P90X (the original) was very structured, and it had to be that way. The purpose of the program was to get people out of their bad habits, and create new habits, and you accomplish that by creating structure and familiarity.

With X2, the creators were taking for granted that people had mostly completed either X1 or a program like Insanity (I would strongly recommend not trying P90X2 cold turkey if you are out of shape). Due to this, the program is flexible. They recommend 3-6 weeks of Foundation Phase, 3-6 weeks of Strength Phase, and 3-4 weeks of Performance. I am right in the middle of my 6 week strength phase. Because I bought the deluxe version of X2, I have two supplementary workouts (Chest, Shoulders Tris and V-Sculpt) to work on. I did 3 weeks using the “base version” disks (Chest, Back and Balance, Shoulders and Arms) and to avoid hitting a plateau and to keep my body guessing (remember Muscle Confusion) I am throwing in a week of Foundation Phase workouts (X2 Core, Total Body and Balance and Power). I am doing this partially because I just loved those workouts so much, which is why I spend the fourth week in Foundation phase.

I realize that this is going to stretch out my first round of P90X2, or will shorten the time I have in Performance phase before I hit 90 days. Something I learned during those first 9 months of X1 is that it is not a race to 90 days. Getting there as fast as possible does not improve results. I am learning to take my time, exercise patience and practice to improve my performance. My base instinct is to go as quickly as I can to reach my goal. I am fighting that tendency and trying to create a new tendency.

In my attempt to do that, today was X2 core, the very first disk of P90X2. I love this workout. I am sitting here drinking coffee and my Shakeology at 6:45 and my core is exhausted from the workout. It is shorter (55 minutes with warmup and cool down) but it sneaks up on you. I finished with 18 One-Leg Med Ball Burpees. The sweat with literally dripping off my bald head when I hit the last one. I commented on a post on the TeamRIPPED Facebook page where someone was asking how is the “Cardio” in P90X2 and how does it compare to Insanity? My response was, in the sense of straight running, jumping, punching, high knees, squat jumps etc. etc. Insanity is “Harder” as in I am more out of breath. But… P90X2, when done with good form is so much harder than that. And by doing it, and doing it well, traditional “cardio” exercises like Insanity have become to a certain degree “easy” for me.

For a lot of people this does not make sense, because they think that you have to be doing an Insanity type workout to work your heart and lungs. Because of P90X2, my heart and lungs are capable of so much more.

As always, if you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask either in the comments, on Facebook or email @ terrancegilmore@gmail.com

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One comment on “P90X2- Terry’s Modified “Recovery” Week

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