Subliminal Messaging Part II

So I am continuing to teach my Psychology students about the power of subliminal advertising and the impact that it has on their decision-making.

Today I had them group up and come up with a list of the types of images, pictures, and thoughts that come to their minds when they think about their school.

I then showed them THIS VIDEO which blew their minds. I gave them “Hall Passes” (I was feeling adventurous today) and sent them around the school to record the types of visual stimuli that they observed.

I can proudly report that they all came back before the end of the period and had observed exactly what I hoped they would. That many of the images and symbols that they came up with at the start of class were similar to those that they found on their expedition.

I have no idea where I am going to take this mini-unit. I think I will have them look through magazines and create their own advertisement for a product. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to share. The kids are into this (they loved the stuff hidden in the Disney movies) and I want to ride this wave of involvement.


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