Ab Ripper X- I Hate it, but I Love it

I was reflecting on my way into work this morning. It takes me anywhere from 30-35 minutes to get to school, which gives me time to just quietly think.

I realized that for much of the first 9 months of my journey, I didn’t write a thing. I think part of me wanted to get through the program and be surprised by the results. So instead of chronicling my journey, I hid and worked my butt off. Looking back, this was a mistake, because it is hard to reflect and share with others what I experienced, almost a year later.

I have a bunch of friends doing P90X classic right now, and I would love to be able to refer them to posts that I did about the individual workouts and what I experienced. Instead, I am going to just post some of my general thoughts about the program and what I liked and didn’t about it.

One thing I know I dreaded those first three months was following up the resistance workouts with Ab Ripper X. The first time I did it, I could not do it. I felt like I was going to puke afterwards. Instead of quitting on it, I decided to follow Tony’s advice and modify, modify, modify. My preferred method of modification for Ab Ripper was to do less of each move (they do 25 of each of 11 moves) and complete the entire disk. Instead of shooting for 25 of each, and getting to “Heels to the Heavens” and having to quit, I did 10 of each, all the way through with as many Mason Twists as I could manage. The next week, I upped it to 12 of each, the next week 15 and so on.

I can honestly say, that even after 9 months straight of P90X, Ab Ripper was still hard and I still had to occasionally take a break. It wasn’t until I was about a month into P90X2, where the entire first phase is focused on improving Core strength that I got “good” at it. I decided one day a few weeks ago to test how far I have come. I threw in Ab Ripper X, immediately following X2 Ab Ripper, and was able to do the entire routine, including 80 mason twists without any breaks.

The moral of the story, Ab Ripper X is hard. I still do not “look forward” to it the way I do some of the other workouts. But it works. I have abs for the first time in my life.


 I have continued to mix in Ab Ripper X occasionally, just because I miss it so much. My first few times through X2 Ab Ripper, I thought it was easier. Having now gone back and retried Ab Ripper X, I realize it isn’t any easier, my core strength is light years beyond where it was in December when I finished up round 3.  As evidence by my ability to do Crane, which I never could. And then go from Crane to handstand.

 I did this the other day:

elbow balance, pincha mayurasana

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture.

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