Staying On Track- Weekend Eating

This feels appropriate with my birthday tomorrow. There are going to be numerous opportunities to fall of with my diet (I hate that word, I really mean “with the healthy choices I make routinely for food and nutrition).

I have found that throughout the course of the week, I am on point with my diet. I drink my Shakeology every morning, I only bring good food with me to school. I follow a pretty strict and easy to follow 1900 Calorie diet that allows me to get to Friday having eaten well all week and hit my target percentages of Protein, Carbs and Fat (50:30:20) without much of an issue.

The problem comes on the weekends. My very rigid and structured life quickly becomes much less rigid and structured (as I am sure everyone’s does). Along with this, comes more opportunities for going out to eat (there is not much on most menus that fits what I eat), people drinking (I am the only guy at happy hour drinking water) and general laziness as it relates to diet and exercise.

For exercise, this is not a problem. I do Yoga every Saturday without fail and follow it up with either an egg-white omlett or Shakeology. Sundays usually work out to be a rest or light cardio day, so still I am doing fine. The eating the rest of the weekend becomes a problem. I tack all my food using MyFitnessPal, so even if I have a bad day of eating (my ratios sometimes come out more like 40:40:20) I still know what I ate and am accountable to myself.

I have found that trying to find a somewhat strict weekend eating schedule is the hardest part of staying on track with diet and exercise. For me, during the week is never an issue, I get up, I workout, I eat well, repeat. When I talk about committing to the program you are using, it is these days, the Saturdays and Sundays where you just don’t feel like sticking with the plan, that I am referring to.

For me, I don’t want to have to punish myself on Monday for the choices I made Saturday and Sunday. I had to change the way I thought about food as a reward and exercise as punishment. This took a long time for me to wrap my head around. We have all been programmed to look to food as a reward for good behavior, for celebrating a special occasion etc. I now think of it as fuel for my body so that I can perform at the highest level possible during my workouts and throughout my day. This is working for me, because I end my day feeling great, even though I pushed play at 5:20 am and am up until 10:00 or 11:00.

I know I keep harping on this, but Shakeology really is the essential building block to my healthy lifestyle. In one drink in the morning, I have covered basically all of my nutritional needs for the day and leaves me feeling great.

How do you approach weekend eating so as to not fall of the tracks? What about a weekend like this, where we are celebrating my birthday and all that comes with it?


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