Getting Enough Protein

One the biggest challenges I faced when starting my 1900 Calorie Diet was finding ways to get enough protein to hit my desired ratios of protein/carbs/fat (50/30/20).

It is really hard to get that much protein (240g daily). I have had to find creative ways to reach those goals. One thing that makes it a lot easier is starting off every day with Shakeology, whey protein and egg whites. In about 260 calories, I am getting almost 1/4 of the protein I will need for the day along with all of my essential vitamins and nutrients. Which is why I am constantly banging on the Shakeology Drum.

Beyond that, it can almost feel like a battle every day with the pie chart in MyFitnessPal (a post is coming about this) keeping that Protein percentage about 50%.

I found THIS LINK which contains some good info about healthy protein sources, even for people who do not eat meat. In order to lose body fat (which I think is most people’s goal) you have to be running calorie deficient (i.e. eating less than you burn in a day) and in order to lose quickly, you need to be eating close to the percentages I posted above. This is the beauty of MyFitnessPal, because it takes that guess-work out and makes life so simple. There is no way I could track my eating without it.

Now that I have found a routine that works, it is easy every day to meal plan. I know how much, and which foods to pack and or cook every day. The nutrition portion of P90X was the one thing that I never dialed in during those first 9 months. Looking at the P90X nutrition guide caused my eyes to glaze over. It just seemed like so much I had to buy.

Now, it seems like something so simple. I wish I could go back a year ago to last March, I cannot imagine what my results in those first 9 months would have been like had I known then what I know now. Nutrition is at least 80% of the battle. The saying goes “Abs are made in the kitchen” it it couldn’t be more true.


One comment on “Getting Enough Protein

  1. […] The image on the right is the pie chart for the percentages of Protein, Fat and Carbs that I consumed on Tuesday. On a fat-shredder diet, you should be shooting for 40-50% of your diet coming from protein. This can be really hard to accomplish, especially for someone not accustomed to eating so much protein in a day. […]

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