Supplement Update- Beachbody Fanboy

It has been about a week or so since I changed up my daily SUPPLEMENTS I am happy to report that I am loving them.

Yes, I realize this makes me a complete Beachbody fanboy, and I do not care because I feel great. I take E&E every morning pre-workout. I wake up at 5:00 am every day and am working out by 5:20, the only thing I put in my body during that time is E&E and water. It gives me a tremendous amount of energy without that “rush” feeling of light-headedness that comes with chugging like a Redbull. I am loving it. 

During my tough workouts (they all seem tough this week, even though I am supposed to be “recovering”) I have been putting one scoop of Results & Recovery formula  and I am loving it as well. It has the perfect balance of Carbs to Protein, tastes great and seems to really help get me through my workout. One serving is two scoops, but I only take one. This will serve the dual purpose of making it last longer, while also not adding 40g of Carbs to my daily intake.

So along with Shakeology every day (which I have written TOO MUCH about lately) I am taking Energy and Endurance and Results and Recovery almost every day. These are the only supplements (I don’t count whey protein, as it is more of an essential “food”) that I am taking.

If you are interested in giving any of them a try, feel free to follow the links along the right side of the site. Message me or email me ( with any questions you might have about these or any other Beachbody products.


One comment on “Supplement Update- Beachbody Fanboy

  1. […] I am continuing to drink my Shakeology daily along with Beachbody’s Pre and Post workout drinks which you can read about HERE. […]

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