NFL Free Agency- Let The Bucs Spending Spree Begin

NFL Free Agency begins today. The biggest story is obviously how long until Peyton Manning replaces Timony Tebow in Denver (John Elway is no idiot, the guy owned the biggest car dealership chain in Colorado after all).

For me, the biggest story is that it looks and sounds like the Buccaneers are finally prepared to spend on big-time free agents.

When the lockout ended last Fall, it looked like the Bucs were going to spend, and they didn’t. We ended up 4-12 and are looking like there is some serious rebuilding to do. The Bucs are the youngest team in the league and would greatly benefit from some veteran talent.

They need a WR, a CB, a LB, and a Guard at least. Luckily there are a ton of good, young players available and they have about 48 million dollars in cap space to work with.

On my wish list are former Titans CB Cortland Finnegan, former Chargers WR Vincent Jackson and former Lions LB Stephen Tolloch.

The Bucs have the money and need the talent. With the 5th overall pick (Morris Claiborn, please) the see no reason the Bucs could not improve by at least 4 wins next season. Josh Freeman can’t get worse, right?

Who is your team, and who are you hoping they pick up?


5 comments on “NFL Free Agency- Let The Bucs Spending Spree Begin

  1. The Bills and they rarely don’t spend money on their own players. Hopefully, we will find someone who can be productive, but it wont be a big name guy.

    With Atlanta (Matty Ice), New Orleans (Cool Brees) and Carolina (Supmerman) in your division, it is going to be hard to get to eight wins unless Freeman plays more like he did his rookie year. If the NFL is truly a QB league, you have three really good QBs that you have to play six times a year.

    • terry4505 says:

      I live in Western NY, so I know the plight of the Bills fan.

      I truly believe that Josh Freeman has the capacity to be a really good QB. I don’t think that he definately will be, but he can be.

  2. I am nominating you for The Versatile Blogger award. I love your blog!

    • terry4505 says:

      Thanks. I literally write about whatever is in my head, as the title implies.

      Sorry about the Mario Williams thing. I have a lot of bills fans as facebook friends and the poor things got themselves all excited, only to be let down, again.

      I was hoping the Bucs would grab Cortland Finnegan as well, they need a CB in the worst way.

      It looks like Carl Nicks could be in pewter next year as well.

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