NFL Free Agency- What is happening?

I am almost speechless, almost.

It has been a long, long time since one of my sports teams has made the kind of moves necessary to set themselves up for success. I think I would have to go back to the winter that the Mets traded for Johan Santana (even though injury has hurt his value, the Mets traded nothing) for an example.

That is, until the last two days. The start of NFL free agency for a Buccaneers fan has been a depressing time in the last 10 or so years for Bucs fans. I have watched as Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, and John Lynch have walked away.

This year, that all has changed as the Buccaneers in the last 20 hours have signed Vincent Jackson (the #1 receiver available) Eric Wright (a serviceable #2 CB, which we desperately need given Ronde Barber’s age and Aquib Talib’s idiocy) and Carl Nicks (the #1 OL available). They are still in the market for a stud MLB, a Saftey and rumor has it they are looking to trade Kellen Winslow Jr., which is just freakin fine with me.

All of this is not including the fact that they are in possession of the #5 overall pick in April’s Draft and it looks like Morris Claiborne will be available. I am genuinely excited about Buccaneers football, which given how last season went, it pretty remarkable.

Josh Freeman has no excuse next year. The front office just went out and added two major pieces to the offense. I think all of these moves have been the “right” moves, not just throwing money at a problem.


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