P90X Anniversary and P90X2 Day 60

I didn’t plan it out this way, but today is the one year anniversary of the day I first pushed play on my new life as well as my 60th day of P90X2.

March 15th, 2011 will be a day that sticks out clearly in my memory. Earlier in the winter, I distinctly remember walking into the bathroom, taking one look at myself in the mirror and sitting down and crying over what had become of my body. I was an athlete in high school and college and was always very proud of my physical abilities. Less than two years after college, I found myself a divorced single father struggling to keep his life together while attempting to raise a child. With work, a Master’s degree in Education under way (which I am now on the brink of being done with) a house and a baby, the last thing on my mind was my personal health. I mistakenly thought that I could attend to one need at a time. This was before I learned that physical, mental and emotional health are all connected. I quickly fell out of shape and it seemed like no amount of going to the gym or running was making any difference. It  took me four years of living like that to realize I needed to make a change. There was a day that I distinctly remember, I was playing with my daughter and I had to sit down because I was so out of breath. I decided then that it was time to make some changes My brother had given my the P90X DVDs, and they sat on the self. Until one day, I literally said, that’s it, I am doing this. I started on Monday, March 15th weighing about 230 pounds. I modified  every move. I could only manage about 5 unassisted pull ups. In Chest and Back Tony says “You’ll be doing 20 and even 30 before you know it”. I am able to do more than 160 pull ups in any workout now, and can easily bang out more than 30 at once. I never imagined I would have this body, feel this good, be this athletic at this point in my life. I am a better athlete now, at 29 then I was as a 20-year old college football player. That is all due to Beachbody programs.

I literally feel faster and stronger than I did playing football in college. I never had a body like this, even then. Three rounds of P90X (two of them hybrids with Insanity) and half of a round of X2 and I feel better than I ever have in my life. The confidence that P90X has given me has translated to all aspects of my life. I feel like a better version of my old self and I am trying to share it with anyone who will listen. I recently became a coach and have started to spread the work about these programs.

The greatest gift that I have been able to give my daughter is a healthy, active dad who can play with her until her heart’s content. Beachbody has changed every aspect of my life. In February I became a Coach so that I can share this life-changing experience with others. I also began drinking Shakeology every day as I have learned that it is the fundamental building block to a good diet.
Today just so happens to be day 60 of P90X2, which means it is time for update pictures. It is a little awkward and unnerving to post pictures of myself for the world to see, but I believe in this program I am proud of the results.
As I have said many times, I did not take day 1 pictures last March. I was too embarrassed of how I looked to stand in front of a camera. Fifty-five pounds later I greatly regret that choice. This is the closest I have to a “before” picture:

These I took on Monday: 

I am very excited to see what the next 30 days will look like. I am wrapping up the Strength Phase of P90X2 in two weeks and I will have a full review of the workouts and my experience as well as a preview of the Performance Phase.


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