TeamRIPPED Hall of Fame

A little history. When I started P90X last March I did something I do whenever I start a new “hobby”, I joined a message board. I did this with the snakes (yes, I used to own snakes), the motorcycle, the Reef Tank, and just about any other new interest I have picked up. I have learned that the best way to learn how to do something is to seek out the people who are already doing it. This way, I can try to avoid a lot of the mistakes newbies make.

The same held true for P90X. I signed up for a free account with Team Beachbody (you can follow the LINKS on this site) and jumped into a message board thread with people who had started the same time I did. I stuck with the group through those first three months and loved the support, motivation and information I gained from the group. One of the big drawbacks of working out at home, is there is no one to hold you accountable besides yourself, and a lot of people need that push (I will talk more about this later).

At the end of my first round of P90X, the group drifted apart and I kept going without much support. I went through two more rounds of P90X/Insanity without really finding a group, it was hard to plug into a message board thread of people I didn’t know now that I had some experience. It wasn’t that hard as a new guy because I figured there were no expectations of my knowledge.

In the late summer, I was searching around the Internets for info about the upcoming release of P90X2 and I found a thread on the Beachbody message boards where someone linked to some coach’s website. Apparently, the guy was going to be in one of the X2 workouts and had some “inside” info on the release date. I followed the link to and was blown away. On the site I found all the information, support and motivation that I had been missing through those first six months. I perused the site and quickly realized that this was the place for me.

I send Coach Wayne an email requesting that he become my coach, I wanted in (sorry Coach Joe!). I plugged in with TeamRIPPED, followed his blog, watched the YouTube videos, applied the knowledge I gained there and my results started to take off.

In January, I joined a P90X2 group on Facebook, set up by Wayne. This, in my opinion is the key to home workouts. Get plugged in with a group of people doing a similar program, or any program. It is the one thing about home-workouts that is lacking. If you don’t have the intrinsic motivation to push play every day, a group of like-minded people will.

I can say, unequivocally, that were it not for Coach Wayne, TeamRIPPED and the X2 Crew, there is no way I would be at the point I am at today. I initially thought the concept of Beachbody Coaching was silly, until I got plugged in with one that knew what he was doing and had real information to share. Now I am a Coach, hoping to help others get where I have.

From the day I first followed that link to TeamRIPPED, I have hoped that I would be “inducted” into the Hall of Fame there. Yesterday was that day. I am really proud of myself and where I have come in the last year.

If you are interested in learning more you can follow any of the links on the right side of this site. Message me with questions if you have them. I am getting emails every day from people asking about Shakeology, P90X, Insanity etc. Please do not hesitate to ask. Imagine where you could be this time next year…


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