Listening to My Body

One of the most important lessons I learned from my first few times through P90X, and now my first time through P90X2 is the importance of listening to my body.

I distinctly remember feeling like I was running into a wall, about every three weeks or so the first three rounds of P90X, and I am definitely feeling that way now.

I took a Modified Recovery week two weeks ago as I transitioned from the “stock” Strength Phase workouts to the bonus ones. Clearly, my body needed more of a rest. I know this because I feel sluggish, I don’t feel strong, I am struggling through routines that were manageable before. I know it’s time for a rest. I looked at my worksheet yesterday morning for V-Sculpt, and I struggled to match every move. Most moves I went down in reps or weight. This is abnormal for me. The also highlights one of the things that Tony is always harping about in P90X, and X2, the importance of writing things down and keeping a record.

I have done this enough, and know my body well enough to know that what I need is a rest. I actually let myself sleep in an extra hour this morning. I foam rolled for a while and got ready for work. I will do some light cardio tonight (probably take Avi for a jog to the playground pushing her jogging stroller) and adjust the rest of my week from there. I have found in the last year that any time I am feeling like this, if I take the rest, I always come back feeling stronger than before.

The message being, listen to your body, take the rest. It is easy to get caught up in the competitive spirit of finishing a 3 month program like P90X, or P90X2. Especially when taking part in a Facebook group challenge like I am.


One comment on “Listening to My Body

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