P90X2 Strength Phase (and recovery week)

I am wrapping up the Strength Phase (the second phase) of P90X2 as well as my second “sort of” recovery week. I started on Monday this week with X2 V-Sculpt and quickly realized my body was in desperate need of more recovery. If you remember, I took a Modified Recovery week about three weeks ago where I did a week of the Foundation Phase workouts. I decided to take it “easy” this week. I ran 3 miles Tuesday, two miles Wednesday, and 3.5 miles Thursday (in 26 minutes, a 7:57 pace). Along with doing X2 Chest Shoulders and Tris Wednesday morning and X2 Yoga Thursday morning. Friday I did some foam rolling and P90X Ab Ripper X. I will do X2 Yoga on Saturday and get ready for Performance Phase starting Monday.

With this, I have wrapped up the Strength Phase of P90X2. Reading a lot of people’s responses to X2, one of the common themes is that they dislike that it is difficult to use heavy weight, because of the balance component that forces you to use lighter weight. Just about every move involves some level of balance. In P90X, all of the lifting was done with two feet firmly planted on the ground. In X2, I found myself in a plank position, one hand holding my body weight up on a medicine ball, while doing bicep curls. Obviously, standing upright I can curl way more weight. The point of X2 isn’t to make my arms bigger, but to improve my overall athleticism and improve core strength. It has done that and then some.

The workouts for strength phase are Chest Back and Balance, X2 Shoulders and Arm and Base and Back. Strength phase is supposed to be anywhere from 3-6 weeks. After three weeks of using these workouts, I switched over to the bonus DVDs that came with my deluxe package and introduced V-Sculpt (the X2 version of Back and Biceps) and Chest Shoulders and Tris. I liked all of these workouts. I didn’t gain a lot of muscle mass and I feel like my fat loss has leveled off. This week in particular I am feeling a bit stuck in a rut, which tells me that I held on to the Strength Phase for one week too long, allowing myself to plateau. Next week I am jumping into Performance Phase, which I will have a preview of this weekend.

I think I enjoyed the Foundation phase more, if only a little bit. I still am loving P90X2. I have been sticking to my diet almost perfectly. I am in my second full month of drinking only Shakeology for breakfast. I am still not getting hungry during the morning and have a ton of energy. I am getting home in the afternoon, even after a tough day of teaching and feeling pretty good, good enough to add in 3-4 miles of running two or three days a week. I have a little less than a month left to go until my 90 days are up and I cannot wait to compare the before and after pictures.

As always, if you have any questions or are interested in trying a sample of Shakeology let me know. I have all three flavors available.


2 comments on “P90X2 Strength Phase (and recovery week)

  1. I cant wait to read what you think of P.A.P!!

  2. terry4505 says:

    I can’t wait to get started. All I keep envisioning is the training scene from Rocky IV.

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