The Hunger Games- Movie Review

This is where I pat myself on the back.

I stated Previously that I believed that although the book was good, the movie would be better. The film did not disappoint. There was not one aspect of the film that I did not like. There were parts that I like “less” and many, many parts that I liked more.

The one aspect of the book that I disliked was that the story was entirely told from Katniss’ perspective, which in my opinion robbed the reader of experiencing what it was like for those outside of the arena, be they other citizens, the President, the Gamemakers etc. In the film, the glimpses the audience get into what those people are experiencing make the movie.

 There is an ominous tone to the film that is set right from the beginning. The visuals of District 12 are perfect. It appears to be a mix of 19th century Appalachia with postapocalyptic America. The film, unlike the book, does not feel rushed and spends just enough time building the back story and drama of the Games. Actually, it feels like they spend more time preparing, than actually fighting in the Hunger Games themselves.

One of the big fears of people I talked to before the film was released was that they would have to remove a lot of the violence for the audience. They did not. The violence is graphic, if shown at a fast pace.

I loved the film, I thought they did an excellent job of sticking to the source material, while adding just enough to fill in the shortcomings (in my opinion) from the book. They set up the second film brilliantly. All in all, well done.


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