P90X2- Performance Phase

And so it begins.

Yesterday was my first day of P90X2 Performance Phase (the last phase). I started with P.A.P Lower (P.A.P. is short of Post Activation Potentiation, which you can read more about HERE, and HERE.) What it basically means is you perform a complex set of moves that first activate the target muscle group with a resistance move, followed by a number of explosive moves and finishing with an isometric move. And then you repeat that set three times with very little rest. In P90X2, this is followed by another set of four moves, repeated four times.

My first time through PAP Lower yesterday, I was tired, but not THAT tired. I need to increase the weights I use during the resistance moves to increase the difficulty. This morning in PAP Upper, the first complex was very hard, I found the second complex to be not as hard, which is going to lead me to find ways to make it harder.

The goal of PAP is to increase overall athleticism. Beachbody states that your muscles will feel like those of a teenager again. Right now, my legs are a bit dead from yesterday, and my upper body has that “I’m gonna be sore tomorrow” feel to it.

For more on the science behind P90X2’s version of PAP, check out THIS LINK. The work that Dr. Marcus Elliot and the P3 sports academy are doing is really amazing. I have not ruled out my goal of being able to dunk a basketball by the end of the summer.

Here is a video of PAP in action:

In my opinion, this is what sets Beachbody apart. They continue to push the envelope on fitness and science. From the workouts, the nutrition guides to the supplements including Shakeology, it is more than just workout equipment and DVDs. They provide all the tools necessary to achieve amazing results.


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  1. […] through the first week of Performance Phase, PAP Lower and PAP Upper Monday and Tuesday followed by X2 Yoga today. I haven’t been sore […]

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