P90X2- Performance Phase Week 1

I am done with the first week of the Performance Phase (final phase) of P90X2. One thing that always bothered me about P90X the original was that the final month was simply a mix of the workouts from the first two months (how many times can you really do Plyo X and Legs and Back?)

This is not the case with P90X2. The final phase introduces two new workouts, PAP Lower and PAP Upper which are repeated twice each week with X2 Yoga or Recovery and Mobility in between.

I did not know what to expect with these workouts. I had read and watched a lot about Post Activiation Potentiation and was really excited to try it. My initial review after a week of these workouts, they work.

I was as sweaty and exhausted Thursday following PAP Lower as I have ever been doing a Beachbody workout, including anything from Insanity to Insanity: The Asylum. Due to the science behind PAP, when a workout is done, I am exhausted but a few hours later you feel like you could do the do the whole workout over again.

The key to X2 is that it is not a body building and fat loss program like P90X is. Instead, the focus is on improving overall athleticism. I haven’t gained or lost a tom of weight. I have dropped some body fat, and although I haven’t measured it in a while, my guess is my body fat percentage is below 10.

I love how I feel after the PAP workouts and cannot wait to see the results in two weeks.


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