Game of Thrones- Season Premier

Last night was the season premier of HBO’s Game of Thrones (one of about three reasons we still have satellite or cable). It did not disappoint.

I just read THIS review, which I think pretty much nails my thoughts on the subject. I think the show continues to get better with each episode. There is a lot of plot that requires developing and I thought the first episode did an excellent job of setting that up for the viewer.

I thought the most powerful scene of the episode was the closing scene where the bastard children of Robert Baratheon are being hunted down and killed, many of them still babies.

I found this to be the most powerful section of the review:

“The North Remembers” takes a very dark turn at the end, with the murder of Robert’s bastards, which is sensitively handled, yet harder to watch than Bran’s fall last season. The killing of babies is just horrendous and stomach-churning; there’s no way around that, and the show depicts that without exploiting that kind of awful moment in the slightest. As jaw-dropping as that moment was, we were reminded that the people there, whatever their ultimate ambitions, are still operating in a recognizable moral universe. Though there’s clearly much ambiguity in other situations, we’re not in some fantastical, unrecognizable realm when it comes to the horrific decision Joffrey has made. And to remind us of that, there’s a second in which we see the face of one of the men of the City Watch, who’s clearly disgusted by the task he’s been given.

Power is power, but no one person has the upper hand forever. Ned had some power, but he was killed. Arya had power as a member of her house, now she has none. Sansa had the power to save one man’s life, but at what cost to her? Robb has power over Jaime for now, but how long will that last? And in the eternal battle between Cersei and Tyrion, who’s really in control there?

Power is a slippery thing, and the face of that gold cloak served as a reminder that underlings and the powerless can’t be pushed around forever.

This concept was on display in the scene where Cersei Lannister demonstrated her power to Little Finger. In the show, power and control is fluid.

I hate everything about this kid:

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