Opening Day is Here

I realize that this is basically the definition of insanity. But I cannot help myself. I am excited about opening day.

I am excited about Johan Santana pitching for the first time in over a year. I am excited about seeing if David Wright can bounce back. He hasn’t been the same player since Matt Cain drilled him in the noggin with a 95mph heater. I am excited about seeing Ike Davis, Lucas “the Dude” Duda, and others.

I realize that it is crazy for me to be hopeful for this season. At the end of the day, I don’t care. Just as you cannot tell your heart who to love, you cannot control which professional sports teams you will devote endless hours to supporting.

The likelihood that this season will end any different from any of the previous ten for the Mets is slim at best, and I don’t care. I wouldn’t be a Mets fan if I did.

The last few years have been brutal. From the moment that Carlos Beltran watched Adam Wainwright’s curveball bend in for strike three in the ’06 NLDS, things have gone terribly wrong for this franchise. I don’t believe that will change until there is a change in ownership, but it doesn’t mean that this team is doomed to be this epically terrible, all the time, does it?

I will save the rest of my rantings about the horrors of the last five years for another time. Today is opening day, first pitch is in 45 minutes, and I have to find a way to watch the game will also teaching until 3pm…


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