P90X2- The Final Week

So this is it.

The final week of my first round of P90X2. The beautiful thing about it is, this is also spring break, so I have extra time to really push it this week to get the best results possible.

One week from being done and I can honestly say that this program has been everything they claimed it would be and then some. I feel more athletic. I am bigger, faster and stronger than I was three months ago.

The focus of X2 is on Core strength and balance. Almost every move, in almost every workout incorporates some type of balance component. Because of this, I have gained a ton of core strength and balance. it is hard to describe, but I feel more athletic when I move.

Because of the increased focus on overall athleticism, I did not gain a ton of muscle mass. Due to the nature of the program, you are forced to lighten the weights for many exercises to accommodate for the need to balance. I am roughly the same size and weight as I was when I began. The improvements in my body composition and athleticism cannot be measured on a scale. It is actually really hard to articulate, but I just feel “better”.

Because I lost so much weight during my first three rounds of P90X (55 pounds) it has become harder to see big changes in my body. Not that it was easy to lose that weight, but I was so unhealthy, that any changes were positive. Now that I have reached the point I am at now, changes come slower, and are harder to come by. Because of this, I have had to change my mindset about what my goals are and why I continue to work out. It is no longer about reaching a certain number of a scale, or looking good for a vacation this summer etc. Now it is about living a healthy lifestyle and making daily exercise a major part of that.

The next big question is, with P90X2 coming to an end, what’s next? I think the answer is a P90x2-Insanity: The Asylum hybrid. I joined a Facebook group of people who are doing this, and I am pretty sure this is the direction I want to go. The other option is to do three more months of X2, and just substitute in some Insanity or The Asylum as needed.

I am going to post about this later this week. But I continue to believe that one of the major keys in a successful workout program is planning ahead and having a calendar created. When left to our own devices, too many people will choose an easy option. I know, for me, that because I workout so early in the morning when I am still in a haze from waking up, that I need to have my workouts scheduled to take the guess-work out of it. Regardless of what I choose to do, I will have a calendar made out before hand.

I continue to love Beachbody programs and supplements and have found them to work perfectly with my lifestyle and exercise goals. P90X2 in my opinion is the pinnacle of at-home workouts at this point. I am excited to finish up and see what the pictures look like compared to January, and last year.


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