Mets Baseball- 4-0

I feel like I have been here before.

I actually started this post yesterday, and the title was “Mets Baseball- 3-0.” I had to change it this morning, because this team just keeps winning.

Look, I am not an idiot. I realize there will be a time in the next few weeks where this team loses 3-5. But, right now they are doing all the little things right and winning by playing good baseball, pitching well and getting timely hits.

They are fun to watch. They are young and hungry (enter Raheem Morris joke here).

I thought last night, as the wheels started to come off for Mike Pelfrey, that we were starting to see what this team would really be. Then something unheard of last year happened. Big Pelf calmed down, and battled through 5.2 innings allowing 3 runs and striking out 8.

There is something going on here. I am not prepared to announce that this team is a legit contender in the NL East. Due to the nature of the baseball season, you cannot read too much into any one game. You have to judge a team on 7-10 games at a time. I will reassess where the Mets are at the end of the week. But right now, Steven Strausberg v. Johan Santana Wednesday it must watch TV,

Lets Go Mets.


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