Remodeling the Kitchen

This is the beginning of the fifth year that I have lived at 159 South Ave. I bought the house the year that Avi was born (yes, I realize that this means she will turn 5 this year…). In that time, a lot of rooms in the house have received attention in one form or another, mostly from Danielle. Aside from a coat of burnt orange paint, the kitchen had remained largely unchanged.

When I bought the house, the kitchen was a mess. When you walk in the back entry way, there is a short staircase leading up into the kitchen area. When I bought the house, the kitchen floor was stained, ripped, disgusting carpet, over beat up old linoleum tile, over old cardboard backer board, over unfinished wood floors.

Before I closed on the house, I was given permission to come in and “do some work”. What the seller didn’t realize was, I was coming in to do some serious construction. In a week, I ripped up the floors and sanded and pollyied the wood. Tiled over the mustard yellow countertops and built a cabinet to surround the refrigerator. At least that is what I got done before the seller’s lawyer sent me a cease and desist notice. Since that week, four years ago, the kitchen has gone largely untouched aside from the orange that Danielle painted last year. The tiles had started to fall off the countertops and it just needed a face-lift.

Something has come over me recently, and I have begun crushing house projects like I am getting paid to do so. I have fixed doors that didn’t close, hung mirrors, and just been ridiculously handy. During February break, I ripped out the old countertops and replaced them with laminate (we wanted granite, but not in this house).




For my next trick, I installed a glass tile back splash (which is actually a lot easier than one would think).

And I replaced the old recessed light covers with new fancy ones that are a significant upgrade.

I have literally walked around the house the last few weeks looking for things to fix. As a part of my Gilmore genetics, typically a house project turns into three house projects because when I fix one thing, three things break. For some reason, that hasn’t been the case lately.

And the finished product:

Next up, the spare bedroom, garage roof, driveway etc…

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One comment on “Remodeling the Kitchen

  1. Skorpionsolja says:

    Its always good to stay busy.. Keep up the good work

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